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Third post for the night, but this is just a notification that NANOWRIMO starts tomorrow! That is, the National, Novel Writing Month, where you write a 50,000 word novel in one month.

That's 63 pages with all the pages out.

I know I can do it.

My record has been 22 pages a night. But... I want this novel to be good. and NEO MODERN. That means, I need to invent a new style of writing, or... not. I usually just go with what flows. It'll be very choppy and confusing.


Go to worldominators for more details once I've hammered out the details with my truste lieutenant there. Basically a reaction against Post Modernism, where supposedly, nothing is new as nothing can be created from nothing. Neo Modernism (new, modernity) basically states that everything is new. Any created material whether artistic, functional etc, is new.

Where PM thrives on cynicism, Neo Modernism is the pinacle of this, where we no longer BELIEVE in post modernism, and therefore, it no longer justifies our existence, we've evolved beyond and above it.

The philosophy behind this is the human need for the NEW. For example, when you buy a pair of shoes, you will never be happier than that moment when it's absolutely new at the cash register and in your hands. Every moment after that is a downhill drive where the subconscious strives to reach for that pinacle of newness again.

It also follows on with the human need for creationalism, an obsession with the NEW, a new beginning, a new paradise to thrive, second chances and the desperate need for eternal youth, away from death the ultimate old.

So yeah. The writing should reflect these kinds of principles, and the post modern way of appropriation, except, when we NM's appropriate we INVENT, take your cliches, turn them upside down, stereotypes, out the window, and yet strangely what you end up with is the gritty banal reality of modern life. You're only different once you give it a label. However to strive to be opposite all the time means to create the vicious cycle.

We'll take the Post Modern and MOCK it. Push it's self involved abstract context into the ground like so much mouldy rollup.

Neo is in effect the new of a new beginning in evolution of sideways and up. Like Neo Japan in all those post Apocalyptic films. It cannot happen unless you have the 'reset' button to install it.

and THAT is why it involves world domination.

So, in summary:

Neo Modernism =
1) New Shiny things
2) Post Modernism is bad
3) Everything is new.
4) A new beginning. Thus the Neo.
5) World domination.

Got it?

More detail later on, from aureyaofchoc
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