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PoMo no longer justifies my existance. But NeoMo and NanoWriMo (and WorldoMimo?) do.

The Basic Principles of Neomodernism

Neomodernism is the reaction to/against postmodernism.

In innovating something, you are inventing a new branch of the original thought from a new idea; you are changing something old into something else; therefore, you are essentially creating something new.

Every change creates something new.

Everything changes, because it takes on a different persona with each passing second.

At one point in time, something is new because it has never been done before in a particular way. Under Neomodernistic theory, it is always new, because it is continually changing.

Something can never be done twice in exactly the same way – you can never wear a pair of shoes in exactly the same way twice. Every time they’re worn, they’ve changed since the last time you wore them; they’re not the “same” shoes as they were before.

Your shoes are continually getting “older”; they are continually changing; they will always be new.

Postmodernism no longer justifies my existence.
Neomodernism does – because it is always new.

NeoMo Art


NeoMo art is art that is constantly evolving:


Layers of art that are painted on top of others, again and again so that a process of evolution is taking place. Photography - key exception, as layered photography is not evolution at the moment as it's still frame.


Moving art, holograms, looping pictures.


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