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Looking back on other entries to our forum, I've come to the conclusion that NeoMo is whatever we say it is. Mind you, one person can't just declare the rules and that's that: we need voting or some such method of deciding these "rules" or "guidelines" for NeoMo (incidentally, have you noticed that it looks good spelt 'NeomO'?).

Although I do tend to declare rules myself, be backed up by Jazzo and/or Anita and we just flow with that. I think I'm getting too much of a hold on our little group: we need more collective input, so spread the love.

Anyway, back to that: why should we have to refer back to other movements, what they did and didn't do/believe, why should we be reactive, like just going against anything PoMo just because it's PoMo. Who cares? I sure don't. We're creating a movement for the sake of creating and having our own movement, which we'll have to suppress eventually anyway to keep the masses from rising up when we take over.

We also need to discuss more, like Anne said, or we'll never get anywhere.

So. "We ought to make our presence known in the Year 12 study to establish power on a small scale now, rather than sitting back and letting the Others think they own the place." Discuss.

The relative inconsequentiality of the question is immaterial: we ought to be able to stand by our principles/base values (whatever they may be) in any situation.
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