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Mwhahahaha! I am beck and revamed after a good sleep and some morning coffe. mmm… coffe. Anyways, back to Neo-Mo.

As I have already said, I beleive that Neo-mo is noble movement and it has the potential to go very far… if you treat it right. Now, I am not of the opinion that Neo-Mo can be what ever we wish it to be. We have descovered it's basis, and now it is our job to refine it's priniples into an easily understandable and comprehensable set of guidelines, and thus creating an antithisis to Post Modernity. It is important to rember that Po-Mo once had it's place and was once un uplifting and renwing movement, it has simply stagnated over time, parialily because it does not actually know what it is anymore. It represents nothingness. Post Modernity is stagnation its self.

Picture a still, dead pond. These grey waters are the ultimate result of the once glistening post modernity. A new gleam appears somewhere within the depths of the pond. It catches your eye. A soft scintilating light. As you stand, mesmerised, it spreads throughout the still, decrepid waters. It shines and gleams, constantly changing, yet always Knowable and always definable. You are looking apon the gleaming briliance of Neo-Modernism. It throws a shining light on everything, defining everything it touches, but not restricting it in any way, shape or form. Someday, people may tire of the ilumination, perhaps the light will fail and grow murky again, just as it did with Post-Modernity and Modernity before that. But for a time, we shall live in a glorious new revealed world. And you shall know happily, that tou art one of those who braught this New Life about.

A bit flowery and metaphorical perhaps, but meditate apon it. Metaphoric language can rouse people like nothing else. But the nuts and bolts. This is also what we must figure out.

For a begining, It is obvious that we must deconstruct the word, 'Neo-Moderniy', wich although you have probable already done, although I shall cover it again for the sake of being comprehensive. Neo, or new is obvious, But modern could nave several meanings, the new? no, the new new will confuse people… The NOW. yes. That is much more fitting. The New Now. A world of a new moment, a continualy reborn universe, unique to every other moment.

But what does this mean for art? All is new, and has not been done before. Even replicas of the one object present entirely diferent tings, as they are in an entirely diferent situation or context. But for Artmaking… This is a reaction against post modernity, and so it should antithisise some of post modernitys Idals, although not for the sake of opposition, simply because it hapens to be diferent. Art may be judged off it's aesthetic value, not just the thaught behind it. Art can be defined. One can say what is and is not art, although those definitions may evolve over time.

One must also go back to the movement that is being renewed, Modernism, and not emulate it, but improve apon it. It is essential that we utilise the past, for we must pich up the reigns of histoy where the first post-moderists so hastily droped them and left them to rot. We must star history moveing once more, and we must strive to do so, for post modernity has dug its self so deaply into the minds of the masses that they will need to know that the Now is flowing once more.

I shall write more later, untill then, be philisophical, yet definable.
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