Battle Angel Productions (alita_b_angel) wrote in worldominators,
Battle Angel Productions

Some serious consideration needs to be paid here...

It's been ages since anyone posted here. The last being Kaworu's interesting rant...

So how do y'all think about zombies as a weapon we might use to gain control?

A little speculation from How to Survive a Zombie Attack has made me consider the pros of using them a weapon to create a Zombie Apocalypse.

It's actually quite a good idea, fulfills our goals of cutting down the world population AND the instant change over to a neo-apocalyptic landscape from which to build. No, I haven't forgotten the UTTER STUPIDITY that other such people have gone through in using zombies... but... you know... easy method.

AND if we fail, we'd only become zombies ourselves. No obligation, no higher thinking about the bigger worries, just the simple for brains and the worry of decay. Isn't so bad really.


1) In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is our plan of survival?
2) How can we use it to our advantage?
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