Battle Angel Productions (alita_b_angel) wrote in worldominators,
Battle Angel Productions

In which Alita is bored and procrastinating and there = time to plan worldomination

Nat shuffled out of the rain looking vaguely like Cousin It with a comb over. The shack (read: number 2 Victoria Road, Kogarah) was dripping water everywhere, with artistically placed buckets of water making a weird fountain in the middle of the lounge.

Alita and Jazzo looked up from a large piece of tissue paper that had unintelligle doodles scrawled all over it, the edges of which were also coffee ringed and damped with rain.

"Hey." Jazzo said.

Nat chucked them the bag of groceries (read: Instant noodles and pocky), before sitting down against the wall, and soundly thunking her head back. "Why the hell are we even here?"

"To demolish Hogben Park," Alita answered cheerfully.

There was a flush from the toilet which had no door and Harley strode out. He thwacked Alita over the head.

"You're an idiot and I hate you."
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