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The Goals, the Great Plan

This is an excercise in making us discuss stuff.

So after watching Bowling for Columbine I have some ideas for the New World Order. Namely, our goals, and in part how these goals shall be achieved. This didn't work in story format since I needed your opinion. Leave a nice long comment so we can argue.

The Preliminary Goal(s):

1) Set up Cults all over the world. This will be done by drawing on what is already there in the world. This is not a means of overriding other religions because if they leave us alone, we leave them alone etc etc. The Cults will have base head quarters all over the world and thus collect minions for us in site specific locations and thus provide cannon fodder. This will come into play later on. Also notice the plural. Several Cults at once will be set up to prevent the governments catching onto us, actually 107 in number, all dummy religions actually operating under the same people ie us. These Cults will include:

Paganism - Ancient Greek Religion cults (as I like the idea of worship of the old gods) All hundred or so aspects of the Olympiad gods can be spread out this way.
Nandini is Beautiful (Hee.) as our major form of monotheism.
Another aspect of extreme Christinanity just for kicks.
Few cults including the worship of a messiah that will take them to a mythical planet in outer space.
The Earth Sphere Alliance which will gather the scientists in the need to populate space and also help us in future to attract skills to advance technology.
Otakuism ranging from the pure Mecha to Hackers and then those pervy business men who like girls in fukus.
Fight Club for the middle suburban America

These dummy religions will be set up in strategic sites in the 6 habitated continents. If you wish we can set up a secret base in Antarctica too but it's too cold down there.

At the same time, corporations will be set up to run businesses mainly involving factories. Aureya will head this.

2) Creation of a biological disease and an antidote. One which does not have adverse effects on the environment but cause painless death. Eventually we will use the dead humans as fertiliser.

3) In preparation for the Change Over Of Powers, those we will need for the furture will be indirectly warned. It would be stupid to actually tell them of what is going on, and alert those who will try and stop us, therefore the cults will be utilised to deliver antidote to those we want to save. They will not be told what they are, and since they ARE a cult, they will follow orders. By then the widespread coverage of the dummy religions should make this possible.

Antidote will be administered whatever way possible:
Bribing doctors to deliver an extra needle injection during a check up ie, as a means of 'protection' againts Typhoid Dipheria and Polio.
Slipping it into their food by way of fast food poisoning, restaurant slipping etc.
Delivering it to them in bottled water as everyone drinks it.
As a form of undetectable gas in elevators should this be applicable for large groups.
Etc etc.

The Scientists and people we don't want to die will therefore not be alerted and still immune. You are not to warn your family. You do not talk about this. Just make sure they take an antidote dose if you want them to live.

4) Buy liposuction fat. Make bombs. Start the process of building an army through the cults.

5) Set up plans for administration and hierarchy. The inner circle will be set up into positions of Power. Harley as Prime Minister.

6) Ste up communications network that involves different languages, or direct taalking. No phone line or internet talk. Syncronised watches. There is no turning back.


1) Deadline set in 2030. Get rid of the Politicians. Democracy is overrated, while this and politicians can be reinstated later as a means of administration, I think we can all agree there are some people out there begging to be assassinated and for all the right reasons. Action plan for this is top priority since it is a means of eliminating retaliation in the form of the world leaders and opening the power vacuum.

This happens at the same time as the 2nd goal, to promote chaos and inaction, leaving the world free for the taking.

New Years Eve:
The morning, carpet cleaners, toilet cleaners all types of janitors will spray the officies of every major political centre with inflammable product. This will seep into all the carpetry, undetected and all the windows, all the walls, every available surface, including underground cars etc in wipes. They will also place napalm in all the women's toilet dispensers in the way of tampons/pads, park some car bombs where applicable, small bombs for every nook and cranny.

All major Political Capitals in the world will be hit by remote controlled bomb air flights when the clock strikes twelve.

Otaku built mecha small fight planes (disguised as birds) will be controlled by hackers and smash into the buildings in enough numbers and force to set things aflame. These can be equipped with artillery to set off the chain reaction of all these buildings exploding all over the world.

2) At the same time: Using the world wide cults, the biologicaly disease is unleashed into the world into all the major celebration areas targeted to get the best results. Specific people targetted who escape will be set upon by individual cult members and confirmed dead by two others in circular rotation until it is sure that person is dead.

Countries targetted are those with a history of political/military badness. Intended targets include:
Certain cities and parts of North America.
Middle East.
Most of Africa (as a way to get rid of HIV)
Certain parts of Britain.
Certain parts of Japan.
Certain parts of Indonesia and India that don't include forests.
Central America.

In this way 1/3 of the world's population will be killed.

NO destruction of forestry or special environmental places.

Countries certain to be excluded:
Australia (to maintain multicultural ethnicity... and come on, we're only 20 million)
China (They will serve in the later production processes)
The Netherlands.
Most of Canada.
The Pacific Islands
New Zealand.

3) Immediate need to step into power vaccuum. Harley as figurehead.

Theft of Gold and wealth resources in the aftermath. This will be needed when the economy collapses.

Harley appears to the world in a telebroadcast to announce the New World Order. Those who survive will pay heed or this will happen again.

Announce aftermath cleaning. Mourning and disposal of the dead into factories. These will be processed.

Propaganda spread to hide the fact these bodies will be used as fertilizer for forests. Normal fertiliser used to food to be a LITTLE humane in these stages. Bodies used to speed growth trees.

Allow time period or anarchy revolts.

HOWEVER, if done is done right, these will be lead by members of the inner circle and will be incorporated into The New World Order soon enough. Harley set up as figure head and emperor of the world. All members of inner circle except Alita promoted into positions of power.


1) Set up of Global economy by using massive building projects. Head quarters built in the form of a geofront underground.

Marble and building materials melted down and recycled from the destroyed government buildings around the world to build the PYRAMID. A statue made with largest block of stone from each to surround the edge of the Pyramid.

2) THE CHINA DOME: At the same time the China Dome will be built. This is a preventive measure against further global warming, where the over population in China will serve to create a dome which will house all the industrial areas of the earth. This is not actually over China, but more over the expanse of the Asia continent where it's mostly empty. A filter system will be built around this to provide air for those inside. Trees will be planted on the inverted area in a sort of reverse gravity behind filted panes to keep this areas habitable. Factories will be built inside to satisfy material wants.

Areas of China used for farming will be kept as farming.

3) Reinstall the slavery system. Those countries who are over populated or are lazy bastards who managed to live will be placed inside the China Dome for training. They will earn their living by working in the factories, WHICH will have adequate conditions. Some of them may be workers who have been working on the China Dome. Money will pour into this to make it viable for sustainable management.

4) Government system and administration set up upon dictator or monarchy absolute power arrangements. A random world wide test will be set to determine the positions of the remaining population.

5) Taxation set up. You can't NOT have taxation, along with digitalised economy.

6) Economy is set up tediously... I won't go into details as this I shall regulate to professionals. Measures to prevent military revolution is started. Bullets are priced at $5000 a piece while guns may cost the same. The Inner Circle will set into programs to develop laser technology to counter this rise in price and cause technology to advance will maintaining relative peace.

7) Mecha and cloning advancements encouraged for ever lasting immortality.

And that's all I have so far. The rest is not developed enough and further thinsg you must do when you rule the world is pretty obvious HOWEVER there is one further premptive measure in case of revolution:

Inner Circle members to associate themselves into black market militia. Alita as the lowest ranking all purpose person in the Pyramid to join the largest opposing military force and lead it.

When revolution comes, Harley will be over thrown but assmilation effect will come into play. Alita set up as Empress while Harley regulated to slightly power position of power (Harley will get facial reconstruction or hey, sex change again).

This cycle will be continued again and again until we die and then since the world depends on us, will be thrown into the dark ages.

And so the time of the New World Order ends, and we enter NEO eras.

Sorry for the Spelling mistakes. And Grammar and anything else in my Under 5 Daycare, but I fell quite drained.

Am now paranoid my plan has been ruined because I have made it public.

Feel free to discuss so we can work out the finer details. Did I miss a loophole? Some parts seem fractured to me too many variables. Will have to work on aaftermath more. Hm.

More ideas. More Goals, more ways to accomplish these things stated. Etc etc.
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